From the President Desk


Dear Members,

I had an opportunity to meet OPPI Members at K-2019. It was a pleasure to know from them that they had received good enquires in K-2019.

K-2019 had over 3000 Exhibitors from more than 60 countries. Even though there is a real Plastic Waste problem across the globe, Plastic production is currently increasing- and experts are predicting much more PE, PET, PP and the likes in the future. If the amount used does not decrease, then the recycling has to increase – considerably. At K-2019 in Düsseldorf solutions to this problem were presented.

K-2019 underscored the following points:-

·The level of digital interconnectivity influences the company success. Several K-2019 Exhibitors displayed the hot topic- Plastic Industry 4.0

·There was visible emphasis on “Circular Economy” at K-2019. The industry presented how plastics can be transformed into a “Circular Economy.”

·The raw material producers conveyed the statement – “Polymers can be designed expediently and efficiently for the required application.”

·The hot topic at K-2019 was – Plastics for sustainable development.

Immediately on return from K-2019, there was Diwali. I hope all of you had happy and wonderful time with your families during the festivities.

The Government of India pulled out of a 16- nation grouping led by China known as the RCEP. In this decision Protectionism played a part. There were also worries the country would be flooded by cheap goods from China. The Prime Minister pushed the other nations to address concerns over deficits and to open their markets to Indian services and investments. This is what OPPI had asked for.

Best Wishes

Dharmendra Gandhi