Absolute Haitian rolls out second-injection-unit versions of hybrid IMMs

Absolute Haitian is responding to demand for parts that require more than one material or color by once again expanding its Multi portfolio.

The company, which last year began offering multiple-injection-unit versions of its all-electric Zhafir injection molding machines (IMMs), is rolling out the same capability for its Mars III and Jupiter III servo-hydraulic machines.

“We are responding to the market’s demand for a cost-effective and flexible solution to multi-component applications. In the past, multi-component machines have been expensive and often [required] ‘special’ machines with long lead times. The Mars III M and Jupiter III M take a different approach — affordable, not expensive; standard lead times, not ‘special-order’ long lead times,” said Glenn Frohring, co-owner of Absolute Haitian.

The new Multi versions range from 135 tons to 596 tons for the Mars III line, and from 843 tons to 2,709 tons for the Jupiter III line, a series of two-platen machines. Shot sizes range from 0.67 ounce to 45.7 ounces on Mars III Multi machines, and from 43.3 ounces to 89.8 ounces on the Jupiter III Multi machines.

The new IMMs leverage Absolute Haitian’s experience not only with the Zhafir Multis but with a previous series of multi-component IMMs, the Iapetus. According to the company, the Multi versions of the Mars III and Jupiter III IMMs — known by their shorthand designations as MA III Multi and JU III Multi — are more efficient and offer more configurations and flexibility than the earlier Iapetus IMMs.

Offering general-purpose machines with multi-component capabilities as standard, rather than as custom options, helps customers, according to Frohring.

“It’s not so much higher demand than it is a better way to do it,” he said.

“Our goal is to advance Haitian’s long-standing and highly successful strategy of extending their product line and leverage their manufacturing scale to deliver more machine configurations at competitive price points, thereby helping customers realize cost reduction,” said Sherman McGinnis, VP of sales for Absolute Haitian.

Among molders with the greatest need for the capability are makers of automotive parts, Frohring said.

The MA III Multi and JU III Multi machines can be configured in a variety of ways, with the second injection unit in parallel, vertical, horizontal or piggyback positions, or switched off or removed for single-shot applications. The IMMs have Keba controls featuring a user-friendly arrangement of key buttons for the injection process of the additional unit.

They boast generous tie-bar spacing.

The rotating mold half maintains accurate and repeatable positioning during rotation, and to accommodate large molds, the rotary table on the machines’ movable platen is strong, the company said.


Source: Absolute Haitian