Proven, Successful Technology and a New Feeder Line: Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at Powtech 2022

At this year’s booth, Coperion is presenting the proven WZK two-way diverter valve that has impressed users for over 60 years with its reliability, serviceability, and versatility for use in a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, Coperion K-Tron is introducing the new ProRate PLUS line of feeders as well as the high-precision K3-V100 vibratory loss-in-weight feeder and the K3 pharma feeder with the P10 sanitary vacuum sequencing receiver. In the open area between Halls 4, 4A and 3A, Coperion will provide another opportunity for attendees to get to know their broad spectrum of rotary and diverter valves by visiting the Coperion Show Van.  They will also experience the advantages in safe and economical bulk material handling equipment Coperion has to offer.

60 Years of WZK Two-Way Diverter Valve: Often Copied, Never Equaled
As a highlight at Powtech, Coperion is presenting the proven WZK two-way diverter valve. Thousands of these valves have been used over decades and still to this day, impresses users with its compact and serviceable construction that is suited for a wide variety of applications. It is designed for an operating pressure of up to +5 barg and can be used both for dilute or dense phase conveying lines as well as for gravity pipes. Its aluminum housing with stainless-steel pipe inserts keeps its weight low, making installation easy. To ensure straightforward operation, the diverter valve offers quick access to its internal parts, an advantage not only for maintenance tasks, but also for making cleaning easy.

The gentle deflection angle (+/-35°) and more even cross section provide gentle product conveying. Moreover, the WZK is equipped with pressure-assisted seals, assuring that the diverter is sealed from one channel to the other as well as to the outside. With its one-of-a-kind construction, the seal adjusts to the conveying pressure with no need for additional utility air. Furthermore, it is suited for use in ATEX zones.


Source: Coperion