Versatile Co-Kneader for the Lab

At K 2022 Buss will show its new compact, user-friendly Compeo Lab  compounder for throughputs of 50 to 100 kg/hr for development, process optimization and small production runs. Bus says it offers all the advantages of the large Compeo co-kneaders, including the combination of two-, three- and four-flight screw elements, and provides precise and reliable scale-up of process parameters to production conditions.

Meantime, Buss will be displaying its new condition-based monitoring service, called the Sense HUB. Sensors for acquiring process section, vibration data or other metrics indicate the condition of the line at critical points on machines such as kneaders, discharge and dosing units, pelletizers, heaters and coolers. Following data analysis, the user can call up the visualized results in the SenseHUB dashboard on the Buss service portal.

This Buss service carries out monitoring, evaluation, and planning of any necessary repair work in direct consultation with the customer. Not limited to the compounding unit of the BUSS co-kneader, the SenseHUB service will be extended to additional sensor data for the evaluation of the machine health, ensuring maximized production uptime.


Source: Buss